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Covid response at Tally Ho 

Contactless Checkin
Isolated Cottages
Social distance is practised.
Cleaned to Covid Proticals
Covid-19 response at

Tally Ho Inn

The Tally Ho Inn encourages all guests to respect and follow the most current COVID-19 response protocols laid out by their Region, including travel only when it is essential. Should your circumstances change, we are offering free cancellation for COVID-19 reasoning at any point before your stay. We offer contactless check-in/check-out to help keep all guests safe during their stay.

We continue to operate in a limited capacity, with Breakfast and the Games Room discontinued until it is safe. Tally Ho is committed to ensuring that all cottages are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected so that you can enjoy your stay safely. We will be keeping a close eye on changing government guidelines and regulations to keep all guests as safe as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please call our office at 705-635-2281 or email info@tallyhoinn.com.

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