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Tally Ho Inn has been in operation for over 75 years. But before that, it originally started as an old lumber mill operated by the Brook’s family. They slowly changed the Main Building into a rooming house, added a few little cabins and had tents made of canvas over wooden frames and wooden pad. The name was Weeqash Objibway meaning White Swan.

The resort was renamed Tally-Ho Inn when Limberlost Lodge purchased the resort for a half-way house. In the old times, the main source of travel was the train to Huntsville and then steamship to Tally-Ho Inn on Peninsula Lake where the guests would stay overnight and travel to Limberlost the next day. In 1938, the prices ranged from $3.50 to $5.00 Per Person Daily for 3 meals a day. We have the rate schedule to prove it.

In 1939, the Emberson sisters, Betty and Isabel, purchased Tally-Ho and decided to make it a year-round resort. In 1952, Betty married Ted West and when she passed away in 1957, she left it to him. The resort was operated by the West family until the fall of 2015 when it was sold to Greg and Patti Dryden, long time residents on Pen Lake.

History of Tally Ho Inn
In business since 1940